Let’s face it, fragrances are expensive. Why waste your precious money on a large bottle only to find out days later you don’t like it or use it that much? Decant samples are the most cost-effective way to try one or several fragrances before committing to the purchase of a full bottle. Let your fragrance discovery journey flourish with NorCalScents!

Several years back I was interested in buying a new fragrance but had no idea where to begin looking. I discovered online fragrance reviewers talking about their favorite fragrances which led me to buying several fragrances. My journey had begun. I quickly discovered fragrance collection was an expensive hobby. As my collection grew I noticed the other bottles in my collection were being neglected. I was still searching for the perfect fragrance but needed to make a change. Samples were hard to come by. The handful of online stores that existed were expensive, slow to ship and their smallest sizes came in 1ml dabbers (gross). This is where NorCalScents comes in. NorCalScents is your premier online store to try new, designer, exclusive and hard to find fragrances. We ship to your door at the lowest cost and the quickest turnaround time (typically within one business day).